Smart Home Systems in Lakewood, Colorado

Tesla Electric Company offers smart home systems in Lakewood, CO. We provide personalized consultation and design services to equip your home with the latest technology, all tailored to your unique needs. Our team simplifies your life by integrating state-of-the-art home automation solutions that ensure security, energy efficiency, and convenience.

Every home is unique, which is why we offer a wide array of services to meet your needs. From alarm systems to intelligent lighting, remote monitoring to smart locks, programmable thermostats to automated blinds, smart doorbells, and garage doors we’ve got you covered. We help you transform your home into a modern environment with convenience and security.

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Smart Home Services We Offer in the Lakewood Area

Our certified electricians offer a comprehensive range of smart home services, including consultation, design, and expert installation. With our professional team, we ensure your home is smartly equipped for convenience, security, and efficiency.

Smart Home

We offer smart home consultations to understand your unique needs. Our skilled team works closely with you, suggesting the best technology options to transform your living space into a smart home.

Smart Home

Our team delivers tailored, smart home designs that integrate technology seamlessly into your daily life. By understanding your unique needs, we create environments that enhance comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart Home

We offer smart home installation, ensuring seamless technology integration throughout your living spaces. We guarantee all systems’ correct setup and functionality for optimal convenience and security.

Design and Installation for Each System in Your Home

With Tesla Electric Company, you have lots of options for upgrading your electronics with the best smart home technology available.

We offer advanced technology, such as :

  • Alarms
  • Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Water valves
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Blinds
  • Garage doors
  • Lighting
  • Energy management
  • Doorbells
  • Voice control

Smart Home Alarm Systems

Tesla Electric Company offer advanced smart home alarm systems that provide real-time alerts and complete control at your fingertips. These systems ensure your home's safety and give you peace of mind. Equipped with the latest technology, our alarm systems are designed to alert you promptly in case of any unexpected activity, ensuring your household's highest level of security.

Smart Security System Installation

Our services include professional installation of comprehensive smart security systems. We use cutting-edge technology that includes security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors. These elements work together to provide you with around-the-clock surveillance and control over your property, protecting your home from potential threats and giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Smart Home Lighting Systems

With our smart home lighting systems, you can control and customize your home lighting from anywhere. Whether you want to create the perfect ambiance, save energy, or increase security with automated lighting schedules, our intelligent lighting solutions make it possible. The systems are designed for convenience, allowing you to adjust lighting via smartphone applications or voice commands.

Smart Monitoring Systems

We provide smart home monitoring systems that offer real-time updates on the status of your home. Whether you want to keep tabs on your home's energy usage, monitor indoor and outdoor security cameras, or ensure doors and windows are securely locked, our monitoring systems deliver. Giving you the control and access to monitor your home 24/7 makes home management and security effortless and efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Home Systems in Colorado

A smart home system is a setup of interconnected devices that automate and streamline various tasks in your home. These tasks could include controlling lighting, managing home security, adjusting thermostats, operating window blinds, and more. These systems can be controlled via an app on a smartphone, tablet, or through voice commands.

Security is a top priority in the design of smart home systems. They often incorporate advanced encryption and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access. However, as with any online system, maintaining strong passwords and regularly updating your devices can help increase security.

While some smart home devices are designed for DIY installation, we recommend professional installation for comprehensive systems to ensure optimal functionality and security. Our team at Tesla Electric Company can provide expert installation and setup services.

The cost of a smart home system can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the setup and the number of devices involved. During our consultation, we can discuss your needs and provide an estimate based on the proposed system.

Yes, many smart home systems contribute to energy efficiency. For example, smart thermostats and lighting systems can adapt to your habits to save energy, while smart appliances can operate during off-peak energy hours to lower costs.

Absolutely. One of the benefits of smart home systems is the ability to control and monitor your home remotely through a smartphone or tablet. This can be particularly useful for security, energy management, and convenience.

Most smart home systems have battery backup systems to maintain functionality during a power outage. Some features may be limited, but essential functions like security alarms should remain operational.

No, you can use devices from different brands. However, it’s crucial to ensure that all devices are compatible with your smart home hub. Our team can help identify and install compatible devices during the setup process.

Yes, one of the advantages of smart home systems is their scalability. You can start with a few devices and add more over time as your needs and preferences evolve.

While it can depend on the buyer, many home buyers see value in smart home systems due to their potential for increased security, energy efficiency, and convenience. As a result, a smart home system can potentially increase your home’s value.


Just bought a new home and was in need of an electrician. As I did a little of research, I thankfully stumbled upon Tesla Electric!

Ben was fantastic and quick to respond in getting someone out to do the estimate and work! They are very good with working with your scheduling and communicating! Chris came out and did fantastic work! Walked me through all that was needed to be done and gave very fair pricing!

Will most definitely be using them again when we remodel. Thanks for the great work guys! Would highly recommend!

-Alysa Lombardi

I hired Felix and his company, Tesla Electric, for a handful of jobs this past year. Felix and everybody from the company that came to my house were all extremely professional and so friendly.

The work was all done well and in a timely manner. The rates charged all seemed more than fair and they all made sure to clean up and leave my home just as they found it.

It was a pleasure working with Tesla Electric and I would not hesitate recommending Felix to anyone in search of a solid knowledgeable and professional electrician.

- David Stone

Tesla Electric was initially recommended by our contractor for a kitchen remodel project in our home. They were very professional, competitively priced, and did a thorough job.

We were so pleased by their work, we brought them back on our own for several more projects. Each time they provided us the same level of customer service, competitive pricing and quality workmanship.

We highly recommended their services!

- Julie Ann Courim