6 Signs You Need Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

When the electrical system goes out in your home, it is more than an inconvenience. It can also create a fire hazard due to faulty electrical components, a short circuit, or a power surge. So, when you notice a problem with your home’s electrical system, contact an electrician in Lakewood, Colorado, who can perform the professional electrical repair

However, not all electrical issues are easy to identify. Some issues can linger for several months before you notice a problem. If you suspect an electrical problem in your home, but can’t pinpoint the nature or location of the problem, look for these six signs that you need electrical repairs. 

1. Burning Smell

One of the most common signs of an electrical problem is a burning smell, which can signify different problems with your electrical system, such as

  • Power surge
  • Outdated wiring
  • Damaged electrical component
  • Overheating

A burning smell can also indicate that there is a problem you need to address right away. So, you may need to contact an emergency electrician or 24-hour electrician to perform a quick repair or replacement. Doing so can prevent a fire in your home.

2. Flickering Lights

You may notice that the lights in your home flicker non-stop or when you turn on a major appliance, such as a refrigerator or dishwasher. While the occasional flickering light does not indicate a serious problem with your electrical system, you will need to address persistent or house-wide flickering.

There are several possible causes of flickering lights. The most common cause is that the bulb is about to go bad. It requires a simple bulb change. Other causes of flickering lights include

  • Loose wires
  • Faulty fixtures
  • Incompatible bulbs
  • Circuit overload

If multiple lights in your house flicker – particularly when an appliance is running – you may want to contact an electrician in Lakewood, Colorado, for an electrical inspection.

3. Buzzing

Electrical systems are supposed to be quiet. You shouldn’t hear a noise coming through the walls or fixtures. If you do hear a noise such as a buzzing sound, it’s usually a sign that your system needs electrical repair. 

Three issues can create humming or buzz from an outlet or switch.

  1. Loose wire
  2. Overloaded wire
  3. Improperly grounded wire

Each of these situations is a fire hazard. You’ll need to involve a professional electrician who can perform the repair job safely and ensure that the system meets industry standards and local building codes.

4. Electrical Sparks

A home’s electrical system divides into circuits. Some circuits have multiple outlets. Too many outlets on the same circuit can cause a split moment when the plug and outlet connections are nearly touching, and the electrical current can reach across the gap, creating a spark.

It’s normal to see a small spark when you plug a device into your outlet. However, larger sparks occur due to poor wiring connections, water damage to the outlet, or frayed wiring. These issues lead to severe damage or electrical fires if they go ignored.

5. Frequent Breaker Trips

The primary function of an electrical panel is to limit and distribute electrical flow through your home’s electrical circuit. By controlling electrical flow, the panel prevents power surges. A power surge can be so great that it overwhelms the panel. The electrical panel will shut off or trip a breaker to cut the circuit and prevent the surge. You can expect the occasional trip.

However, if your breaker trips regularly, you could face a more serious issue within your home’s electrical system. Frequent breaker trips indicate problems like

  • Compromised wiring
  • Damaged or worn breaker
  • Outdated panel

6. Hot Electrical Components

It is natural for an electrical circuit to produce a nominal amount of heat. If you notice that an electrical component such as a plug wire, light switch, or outlet is hot to the touch, there may be a problem with damaged or outdated wiring. 

You may also notice burn spots on a fixture. It may be a sign of frequent sparking or even a short-lived fire. Do not use any fixture that has burn marks. Instead, contact a Lakewood, Colorado electrician to inspect the system and identify and fix the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Repair in Lakewood, Colorado

How do I know if I have electrical problems?

If you notice dimming lights, a burning smell, buzzing sparks, shorts, or frequently blown fuses, you have problems with your electrical system. If your home is 25 years old and hasn’t had routine maintenance, it’s time to get an electrical inspection.  Many of these problems are safety hazards. 

Why should I hire a professional electrician to perform an electrical repair?

A licensed electrician has the skill, training, knowledge, and equipment necessary to perform complex electrical jobs. 

By hiring a professional, you ensure that the electrical system meets building codes, prevent your insurance company from denying an accident claim and keep from voiding your home warranty. 

Last, you can feel confident that a professional electrician will perform the job properly. If you have a problem, we are ready to correct it. We stand behind our work with the best warranty possible.

How long do most electrical repairs take?

How long it takes to complete an electrical repair job depends on the nature and severity of the electrical problem. 

Tesla licensed electricians work efficiently to minimize disruption. We also give you peace of mind with upfront pricing for any repair. You will never be surprised when you get the bill.  

We feel that this is the most upfront and transparent way to do business and provides the best customer service.

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